National Agency Identification
Organization full name
 Karamanlı Lisesi
Type of organization
 General secondary school (EDU-SCHSec)
 Çamlık Mahallesi, Lise Caddesi, Karamanlı
Postal code
Contact Person
 Talip ALAN
Legal representant
 Süleyman AKBABA
 Karamanlı Lisesi is a general secondary school located in Karamanlı District of Province Burdur, at crossroads of major coastal destinations in western-south Mediterrenean of Turkey. The school is not very big with 15 teachers and administrators and 110 students ranging from 14 to 19 years old.They are studying general subjects and languages. The school building is contructed and renowed by local people and classroom are named after the charitable people. All the classrooms are equiped with computers and projectors.There is a computer and a science laboratory, a library, a football pitch, a basketball and a voleyball court and fitness park in the school.The rate of  students that passed university enterance exam is considerably high.The students are orientated to higher education or profession by the teachers. The education rate of the reigon is above the rate of education country-wide (%99) and local people are significantly considering the formal and informal education. The Provincial Directory of Education is carrying out local projects for local schools like; ‘Burdur is reading’, ’Adult education on computers’,’ Let’s populate in the Libraries’, ‘Humanbeings  read’, ‘Reading poetry’, ‘Promoting Pre-school Education’, ‘Education with computers and projectors in all classrooms’etc. Karamanlı is a developing town with 5300 inhabitants at the middle of internal routes to south, north and west shoreline, which makes the town a central for educational institutions, commercial markets and driving routes.The economy of the town is based on agriculture, marble quarries and farming. The marble is a rising sector in the town which is changing the structure of the community with immigration from rural areas, neighbourhoods,and east of country.Moreover, people from other countries come for seasonal work, and exportation of marble.The town comprises of people from other countries, seasonal workers from other parts of country, countryside people traveling for education and work.

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