National Agency Identification
Organization full name
 Escola Básica e Secundária de Moimenta da Beira
Type of organization
 General secondary school (EDU-SCHSec)
 Rua Dr. Lima Gomes, nº 3
Postal code
 Moimenta da Beira
 PT11 - Norte
Contact Person
 Aida  de Oliveira Diamantino Cardoso
Legal representant
 Alcides de Sousa Sarmento
 Moimenta da Beira is a small town located in the northern centre of Portugal. Its population is 3,000, but together with its neighbouring villages, it rises to 12,550. This region is mainly agricultural, but some industries have come up in the past fifty years. Throughout the mid 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s, a considerable number of Portuguese working class people left this region to search for better living conditions abroad. However, the emigration rates have lowered a lot in the recent few years. But although nowadays many families still live/work in these countries, quite often their children come back to Portugal to get a Portuguese schooling, which is surely nearer to their own needs/expectations. Our school is constituted by a main body building attended by 11 to 18 year-old students (about 1000 altogether). Nearly 1000 other students  (from 3 to 10/11) attend other school buildings spread throughout the whole county. However, in this project, we will get involved just with some 15, 16, 17, 18-year-old students from the main body school that attend the secondary cycle. Our school has a great variety of students with different kinds of social backgrounds. Taking into account the fact that most of our students' parents have low incomes, it is understandable that the students who would like to work in this project think it would provide them with a fascinating opportunity to improve not only their English skills, but also to be in touch with other cultures, thus enriching their life experiences. In fact, they feel isolated in this region, as they have few chances of getting to meet youngsters from other countries and consequently of exchanging experiences and ideas; in short, they can hardly broaden their horizons. Besides, being English the most widespread language today, the awareness of the advantages of being fluent in it is higher and higher even among our students - that's why most choose the option of learning it as soon as they can, out of other language options our school offers. As English is the communication language of this project, the students involved in it will undoubtedly have an interesting opportunity to improve their speaking, writing and listening skills in English, which will open up doors to them in the future job market. This opportunity will also surely arise in them a feeling of tolerance towards different cultures which, in turn, will lead to their inner growth, making them better adults in today's world.

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