National Agency Identification
 IT2 LLP-Com-Era-Gru-SV (AS ex INDIRE)
Organization full name
 ITI Vittorio Emanuele III
Type of organization
 Vocational or technical secondary school (EDU-SCHVoc)
 Via Duca della Verdura 48
Postal code
 ITG1 - Sicilia
Contact Person
Claudia Di Stefano
Legal representant
Giovanni Marchese
 ITI “Vittorio Emanuele III” is a large state school for secondary technical education. It boasts a long, prestigious role in technical education in the region having been its first technical industrial school, founded in 1883. The school courses last five years. The school offers three different specializations: Electrotechnics, Mechanics and ICT. English is the most important foreign language and it is, therefore, taught in all courses. At the end of the school the students, after passing their state exams, can either enter university or choose to find a job as specialized technicians.Role in the project The original idea of the project was conceived by the Italian teachers last summer following the turmoils in Tunisia and Lybia and the exodus of thousands of migrants and refugees coming from those areas to Sicily. The Italian partner, therefore, found it natural to suggest the topic of the project, as Sicily for its position in the Mediterranean sea, as a crossroads of civilizations, has had a long history of migrations and civilization exchanges over the centuries. The sea has always had a meaningful voice and a dramatic impact on our lives.General and specific social context Sicily, by vocation, has hosted diverse multicultural groups over the centuries. Our school, in particular, presents a multicultural context with students coming from overseas countries, mainly from the Maghreb area. This context makes us particularly sensitive to such social issues as integration, tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Our participation as partners in the project is highly motivated by the presence of these different ethnic groups to make them aware of and share with the local students a common historical and cultural heritage. In general the students who attend our school (aged 14/19) come mainly from difficult socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, many of them are at risk of social exclusion and early drop out. Therefore the project is intended to increase motivation to learning and involvement in new educational activities which encourage personal participation and autonomy in the learning process and the discovery of a new dimension of citizenship in a European context through the contact with their peers from the partner countries. It is also assumed that the project is bound to have a profound impact on the different communities which the students belong to through their active involvement in the project itself.

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