National Agency Identification
Organization full name
Castletroy College
Type of organization
General secondary school (EDU-SCHSec)
Castletroy College, Newtown
Postal code
IE02 - Southern and Eastern
Contact Person
Brendan Colleran
Legal representant
Padraig Flannagan
The Participation of Castletroy College in this project began in December 2010 at an eTwinning Professional Development Workshop in Dublin Ireland where a link was made with the Estonian school for an eTwinning project. This led to a new eTwinning project in September 2011 which included the Estonian, Irish and Italian schools. This application is the result of these contacts. Castletroy College is acting as the coordinator of the project. It is seen as an advantage to use this organisation in this capacity due to the fact that English is employed as the language of communication. It is seen as an advantage to use this organisation in this capacity due to the fact that English is employed as the language of communication. Castletroy College is a relatively new school and was established in the year 2000 to meet the needs of an every expanding and increasingly diverse local community. The school has 85 teachers and approximately 1200 students. The ethos of the school follows the principles of all inclusiveness and caters for both male and female students of mixed abilities from many nationalities. The motto of the school is "ut sint unum" translated to mean the pursuit of knowledge through excellence. The way this is expressed in the educational process that is delivered in the school is that the students are instilled with a respect for the educational process and are taught to value their own role in the ownership of the material through the concept of education through research, study and self discovery. The students are made aware of their role in the community by being active participants in actions that reach beyond the parameters of the school. These values are what will help to contribute towards the type of self confident, self aware and well educated individuals that build up a socially inclusive, considerate and tolerant society. The students at the school are between 12 and 18 years of age. Castletroy College was set up to meet the needs of Castletroy and the surrounding areas, as such, living in this area is the only criteria for access. This has resulted in a school community that is rich and diverse in language, background, religion and socioeconomic position. The school is modern, well resourced and has up to date information technology systems. Benefits of participating in the project are a wider more inclusive European dimension to school practices enhanced by an appreciation for other European languages and cultures.

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