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Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


We learned that economic growth and environmental protection can and should go hand in hand.
Christopher Dodd


To have another language is to possess a second soul.

Social Media

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.
Amy Jo Martin


Economy is the basis of society. When the economy is stable, society develops. The ideal economy combines the spiritual and the material, and the best commodities to trade in are sincerity and love.
Morihei Ueshiba

Chain story Part 1- Italy- written by Dinal, Giorgio, Naima, Giulia.

Our story begins on a warm Friday in 2050.

Giulia and Naima were relaxing on the beach  away from the stress of the last years. Giorgio was taking a walk nearby when he saw them, recognized his old mates from the Eutopia project and  decided to say hello. 

They were talking about their memories of past days when suddenly they heard their phones ring. It was an anonymous message, same for all of them. It said "Come quickly to the island, it's an emergency".

Giorgio, Naima and Giulia immediately went back home to tell their families that they would be gone for a while, without specifying how long. They packed their luggage and thanks to teletransportation, which was the most used means of transport, a few hours later they met at the cave on Gnusmas island. They were curious, excited and also a little bit scared about that unusual emergency.

Gnusmas island was the place to go if you wanted to enter Eutopia. There was a cave there. You only needed to go through a mystic portal inside the cave to find yourself in Eutopia. The mystic portal let them go into the Eutopian world where they had not been for many years. They met their teachers who had stayed  there after the end of the project.

The most beatiful thing was to see their bodies change and turn young again, the long forgotten energies flowed back inside them and they felt fit and enthusiastic.They became they had been in the past. 

The newly found energies went along with a sense of wonder they hadn't felt for many years which came back to them when they saw the marvellous landscapes of that wonderful Eutopian world. 

The sun shone in the clear light blue sky. The environment preserved the intact purity of an uncontaminated, new world. The colourful butterflies flew around thoughtless, as a symbol of the peace that would always be there. The people living there could not wish for more. Every creature was magic.

The wisdom trees were the "walls" of that universe. They were a perennial source of past, present and future knowledge and had always been there since the creation of that world. They listened to and told a story of an infinite world like theirs. Whoever had a doubt or a question was free to interrogate them having the certainty that a chorus of hoarse voices would sing a story in response that would  wipe out any state of uncertainty.


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EU-topia chain story writing - Part 1

Come quickly to France, specifically to Paris. Urgent. We will expect you in Eiffel Tower. Then we  will explain in more detail the reasons! All the countries were reluctant to this unexpected message. Why would they want something with us? Most of us was around 53 years old, already parents of children and nearly grandparents of the children of our children . What would  they want with people over half a century? Would it be a kind of meeting? The most curious ones  decided to leave in search of something exciting, an adventure as when we were young and the sky was no limit to anyone. The trip was stressful, especially for the group from Turkey. About 3600 km were tiring indeed... but decades ago. Now Europe, in this decade, was all occupied by railways, airports and more motorways, no country was any longer peripheral, everything was interconnected. Finally Turkey was part of the European Union.  It accomplished all the membership criteria. Passports and visas were no longer needed. A subsequent big achievement was the free movement of people and trade, which was another step for globalization. We came all at once to the airport, except Germany and Italy, which, by chance, came earlier, due to the underground high-speed trains. They decided it because of the proximity to the country. These Germany-France high-speed trains took about 20 minutes and the Italy-France ones only a little more. They were right next to the airport. Now it was so easy to travel! We met everyone in the bus stop, and there were tears and hugs, lots of excitement. We had created such strong ties in such a short period... we made friendships that, to  our surprise, were so deeply rooted in our hearts that it seemed we had never been apart from one another. The land airbus stopped.  This new transport, which started working only 12 years ago, was a large train-like vehicle that straddled roadways; it had wheels on the sides of the road, allowing regular cars to freely pass underneath it. Despite of not causing traffic jams, the land airbus was environmentally-friendly, because it just needed biofuels. We went upstairs and we tried to sit close to the windows to admire the landscape. Years ago, when we were sightseeing  a city, we just saw buildings and buildings and only a few green spaces. However, after the Third World War, caused by the oil crisis in 2029, our politicians decided to start over, from the zero. They idealized a utopic world that eventually became a reality. We were living in a sustainable world now. We started to move to the destiny: Eiffel Tower. Some members of the group remembered their last visit to that beautiful, amazing city – Paris - but of course it was different. They were stunned. Now it was all mixed, countryside and skyscrapers, green spaces and grey buildings. There were gardens everywhere. The sidewalks had lots of wind trees and light bottles along them. All the houses had solar panels. Now all the cars were hybrid and electric, but they just worked with the help of the ''new oil'': lithium. If one country disrespected the criteria of the environmental global policy, that country would be banned from the ''Green Land'' (the name of the organization which all the countries, states and continents belonged to). In that way, the country in question would not be able to negotiate and be in contact with the others. Taking into account that the world was in harmony in social and economic terms, a country couldn't grow on its own, otherwise it would be isolated and in misery. So no country dared to take that risk... Written by the Portuguese students

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And the winner is....



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Congratulations to the winner! But ALL partners have done a great job!

In the following picture you can see the final results collected at the end of the voting.

Final results



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Energy in EU-Topia?

What do you think of this "Wind-Tree"?

A French team of engineers has developed an artificial tree that can generate electricity using the wind.
'The idea came to me in a square where I saw the leaves tremble when there was not a breath of air,' said Jérôme Michaud-Larivière, the founder of the Parisian start-up which will market the Wind Tree in 2015.

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Utopia and language

Dealing with the theme of Utopia and language is not easy. One would argue that the concept of language control is more suitable to a dystopia than a utopia.

In our study, analysis and production of Eutopia + we have decided that language should be the first topic to be addressed.

I've found an interesting article written by Charlotte Hutchinson, graduate student of English, at the university of Lincoln, which explains how language is an only apparently minor issue in utopian society. 

The article is not easy, but it gives an overview of how the theme of language has been dealt with in literary Utopias. 

Here's the link to the essay:


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