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Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


We learned that economic growth and environmental protection can and should go hand in hand.
Christopher Dodd


To have another language is to possess a second soul.

Social Media

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.
Amy Jo Martin


Economy is the basis of society. When the economy is stable, society develops. The ideal economy combines the spiritual and the material, and the best commodities to trade in are sincerity and love.
Morihei Ueshiba

Story A The Comic Book

The 4th form C, ICT section is working on this story to make a whole comic book which will be published here. This first page is a wish for a good start of 2017 project activities! 

story A comics

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Chain Story D - Part 6

Right in front of them was the full code. They immediately recognized those numbers. The code was their password on "Harmony". "Harmony" was a social network they used to communicate and to share photos with each other but due to their busy lives they no longer used it. They didn't know what they were looking for and time was scarce. They had less than 30 minutes to solve the problem and to reestablish the Utopia in the world. Concha, who was entirely hopeless, started to look at the photos from the project. She realized that there were some hidden words in the group photos taken in every country. In the first group photo, taken in Ireland, there were two words on the left side right under Robert. She looked at the next photo that was taken on the trip to Italy and discovered two more words next to her big friend Davide. She looked at the group photos taken in Germany, Estonia, Portugal and finally in Turkey. In the end she had formed the sentence: "Never forget your friends; friendship is the most important thing in life". Quickly, Concha entered the sentence in the main computer and suddenly a red button appeared. She pressed the red button and nothing happened. The hope started to disappear again. They had 5 minutes to solve the problem. They started to think about a solution but they were nervous, they couldn't think about anything. Suddenly, Zé Mário, who had the most random ideas, said that everyone should press the button at the same time. So, he counted 1,2, 3 and all of them pressed the button. “We did it!”, someone screamed. They did it and the world was Utopian again. They promised to visit each other at least once a week and once a month there was a EU-TOPIA + project meeting. They were honoured by the other world's citizens and lived happily ever after. The end by Concha, Rita and Miriam Portugal
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Story A sixth part

Part Six-Story A-Italian team 


As the group came back to their new EuTopia, they lived a more vivid life. The complexity of the “new” cultures of mankind, which they never experienced before, was a way to fill the world with discoveries; their life and memory never were so full of diversity.

The years went on and therefore the guys grew; everybody kept on with their life, some of them got married and had children.

Twenty years later, economy started to worsen: inflation increased to the highest values ever, essential goods became too expensive, even having a proper house was hard. All these problems were caused by the overpopulation of the world. Even with different cultures all over the world peace was once again threatened. As the crisis got worse, various regions of EuTopia decided to expand their territory to supply their needs. This caused the union amongst countries to break and war arose.

A lot of the males in the group were fit and thus, they joined the war, even fighting against each other, sometimes. Even some of their children got in the fighting.

The vivid world they had made slowly turned to dust, while war destroyed the same cultures the group tried to preserve.

But while everything went so bad, there was still hope for peace and it lay in two brothers.
Alessandro, the eldest one, was a thin, medium height, guy, with long, brown, curly hair. Miriana was younger, with long, red wavy hair; she was smaller than Alessandro.
One day, Alessandro and Miriana, were snooping around the attic of their old house. There they found an old wooden chest, there was a lock on it but it was broken, inside it there was a diary. "Look at this; There is our father's name on it. What might it be?" said Miriana to her brother "It looks like a diary or some sort of journal." - "Wow, I don't know. I'm not sure we should read it, it's like invading someone's privacy, but I think that in times like this it doesn't really matter". And so they did, they browsed through the little journal; the majority of the pages were full of normal descriptions of their father's days. But something strange shocked them: one page contained a sketch representing a strange machine, the next pages were missing. "What the heck is this machine? Is it just a random sketch?” - “Let's go on, I want to read what dad wrote about when he met mum or stuff like this" asked Miriana "No, it looks too detailed to be just a random sketch, it looks more like a blueprint, and what about those missing pages? Something just doesn't fit right" answered the brother "I think we should ask dad about it".

And so they went to their father; he was ill and very weak because of the war that surrounded them. The brothers asked him about the diary, and in particular the machine drawn in it: “It will sound very unreal, and probably you won't believe me at first. But the world we live in was influenced by us, some lads in a group, EuTopia. We didn't want war but it was a by-product of our actions. In reality, our society was different originally; it was plain, gray, there were no differences, nor war or illness, everybody was the same, it may seem like the perfect world to live in but there were some problems. The first is pretty obvious; imagine living in a giant city, where everyone is the same, every community has the same history, the same traditions, I don't need to explain any further. We fixed it, avoiding the world to have just a single language. To do so we used the machine you see in that drawing, it was created by the founder of our group, and yes, even if it sounds impossible it allows people to travel through time” explained the ill man, he then went on explaining how the time machine worked and what the group changed. Alessandro and Miriana couldn't believe that such a machine existed, but there was something in the way in which their father was telling that story that convinced them it was not a lie “The second problem arose after some time, but it would have happened even without our intervention. Overpopulation brought lack of resources and therefore war” finished the man “But couldn't a device like that change the situation once again?” continued Miriana “It can, but I'm your father and I can't give you this burden. If you feel like you can do it though, I won't stop you, you have the right to live in a world far better than this, and you can actually achieve it. Just be careful, it is something way bigger than both of you”. It was a hard scary choice but they didn't want war and if there was even the slightest possibility to improve the situation, it was worth it. They made their farewell and left. Soon they found the machine and following the instructions they managed to make it work.

They went back to around 70 years before, it was year 2017. The world was peaceful, and way more simple that what they ever witnessed, but in a couple of years it would transform with the start of the changes that Et-Topia would bring.  But they were two simple kids, they couldn't enter the government and simply tell them to stop, and nobody would believe they were time travellers. There was still a way for them to influence what would happen, though. They spent their days writing a book, it contained all their story, the war, what their parents did, how the world was for them. Using the time machine they were able to analyze specific moments in history to write them down as accurately as possible. When the book was complete, they published it. The book was unexpectedly a success amongst young people and in a short time it spread around the world. People were hit by the realism of the events written in it and how alive they seemed, like it was a diary or a biography. In a short time even elder people and researchers started to analyze the book, looking at how possible it was for mankind to go through the same path. Some people were really shocked by the harm that a seemingly perfect society like that could bring. After some years, when the government started to propose the “EuTopia project” people were worried by it, frightened that what was in the book could turn to reality. Thus, EuTopia was never born.

Humanity kept growing and even if it was not the perfect world EuTopia wanted to bring, it was balanced: there was war, illness and poverty, but people in this world were also determined to keep the balance, to fight everything that was bad. In the end, mankind itself could prove to be

This story you read is the same that was written by the brothers in an attempt to make the world not a perfect place, but to avoid consequences way more terrible. Not everyone will believe something like that and it's understandable. Either you believe it or not, that perfect society mankind aims to just keep in mind that the world is on a scale, life's too, what's bad brings improvement, what's good will be the ideal to fight for, but we can't have only one.

One creates the other, together they make balance and thus peace.

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Chain story B chapter 5

Part 5 – Germany:

They immediately tried to find out where this path could be on the island. All day long they were walking around the island and late at night they found the magic path that was shown on the map.

The first thing they saw was a gigantic but still beautiful and clear waterfall. The waterfall had billions of different shining colours in it and the Eutopia members could not stop looking at its beauty.

First they didn’t know what the waterfall wanted to show them but then Jules and Ange from Germany touched the water amd they felt so great. That’s why every other member started touching it, too. Suddenly someone was shouting “OMG! What’s happening?!”, and everyone looked in the direction.

It was the guy they had cut before with the knife. He said: ”Look at my arm! The scar is gone!!” Everyone was in a surprised shock. They were wondering what was happening. Some minutes later Giovanni called out: “THIS WATER IS OUR SOLUTION!”

Fast they ran back to the tree of the higher knowledge and it immediately said: “You found the one thing you were supposed to look for.”

The tree said quietly: "It is in your hands now what you do with this knowledge."

“So the phone call from the beginning was just a lure to make them see the future of Earth and to try to change it and to make the future a better place to live like in the island of Eutopia”, said Giacomo finally.

Now they knew exactly what to do…

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